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4EverClear Pool Chemical (or 4EC for short) was founded in 2005 by Scott & Patti Jensen with the help of their entrepreneur daughter, Stacy Gauna. Scott Jensen, a chemical engineer by trade, enjoyed spending his free time relaxing by his backyard pool. He had worked in the chemical plants for 30+ years and knew retirement wasn’t that far away. But he wanted a business or 2nd career once he retired. After researching many different industries and businesses, they decided to start a unique pool service company specializing in the chemical balancing and treatment of residential swimming pools. After months of discussions, preparations, and training, 4EC was born. Today, we are proud to service over 650 customers weekly in the greater Bay Area. And 4EC is still a family owned and operated company. Stacy is the company’s Controller. Scott & Patti’s other daughter, Amber, runs the office.

Strong Christians, Scott & Patti run 4EC with the same faith, values and ethics that guide their personal life. Every employee is treated like a family member. And employees are expected to uphold a very high level of standards as well. 4EC provides top-notch service, and has pages of customer testimonials to back it up. We look forward to servicing pools for many years to come!

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