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Tony B.
314d ago

So far they have done an amazing job. Very happy with the quality of service.

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Pool Cleaning
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 12 reviews
by Karen Hill on Pool Cleaning
Dependable and Worth it

Love our tech Michael! He met our two dogs the first time he came and the next week he remembered their names and always takes time to say hi to them. He also has kept our pool nice and clean! The service is dependable and worth it!!!

by Terri O'Shea on Pool Cleaning
Fantastic Company!

I tried to manage my pool by myself and failed miserably! EverClear saved my sanity and reduced my stress level. They are fantastic. My pool is always perfect and I can enjoy it instead of resenting it. Great company. Great workers. Great service. Great Pool!

by Vicki Buxton on Pool Cleaning

I struggled with pool service for about 8 years (after my pool caretaker husband passed way), but when referred to 4EverClear , I not only got better service, but at a better price! Never algae in the pool and quick friendly service when I had a problem. Chuck has successfully fixed two problems for me in the past month and better yet, he was proactive in identifying a problem likely to happen. This saved a call-out and protected the booster pump from damage. He is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help me understand how I can better care for my pool. Thanks 4EverClear!

by Ray Wodynski on Pool Cleaning
Great and friendly Service

We have been a customer since June 2005. The quality of work is outstanding, and it's a great value for the money. Thanks for years of great service 4EverClear!

by Chris & Cristina G. on Pool Cleaning
My pool has never looked better!

We have used several different pool companies through the years and 4EverClearPools is at the top of our list - great service and prices are reasonable.

Staff is always courteous and responsive.

by Richard Hahn on Pool Cleaning
Keep up the great work!

I am very happy with the customer service !! I wanted to promote your business to all of my friends.

Thank you and keep up the great work !!

by Janet Morris on Pool Cleaning
The BEST, absolutely the best!

I have been with 4EverClear for about 5 years. I used to maintain chemicals myself, but no more. My pool is ALWAYS crystal clear, and I don’t have to hassle with checking, running to the store to get chemicals, or anything else. The employees are friendly, helpful, and know the business. Besides the people, I like that you never buy any chemicals again (even if they don’t do the service (I backwash the pool myself)), and you pay for the services you need. Other companies charge you a lot more, claiming they do a bunch of other things. Well, 4EverClear CAN do those other things, but when you really NEED it; not every month. The prices are reasonable (both on monthly maintenance AND additional needs), and I have been happy with their service. I have referred several, and have received the free month each time. The BEST, absolutely the best!

by E. Litzinger on Pool Cleaning
A smart investment to get the most out of your pool

I have owned four homes with in-ground pools over the past 20 years. I always struggled with algae and would run to the local pool store in order to have some teenager just out of high school tell me I need some miracle product that will cure everything from algae to water clarity issues all for the low price of an arm and a leg. Those days are over ever since I called 4EverClear Pools! I have had a crystal clear pool year round ever since I contacted 4EverClear Pools over 3 years ago! I have found comfort in the fact that all of those harmful chemicals I once had to store are no longer a threat to my grandchildren or our pets. I have been so satisfied with their services I referred 7 friends and neighbors all of whom have thanked me. In these times when a dollar just doesn’t seem to go very far, 4EverClear Pools is a smart investment in your home’s value and the long term enjoyment of a crystal clear pool with your family and friends.

by S. Aldredge on Pool Cleaning
Turned my pool from green to crystal clear blue

I purchased my home with the pool present and had no idea how to turn the pump on much less keep it clean or keep the chemicals at a level that was enjoyable to swim in. I purchased the quick “how to” books at the local pool stores. I am a man, right! I can do this! Well when it was all said and done I had my pool water so messed up you could literally smell the chemicals coming out of the water. I checked around and heard about 4EverClear Pools. They came out and within 2 weeks my pool was crystal clear and my family was enjoying the pool again. I will not use another pool company. Thanks 4EverClear!

by R. Fuglaar on Pool Cleaning
Algae is finally gone

Frustrated and tired of dealing with algae, a friend of mine suggested I call 4EverClear Pools. What a wonder! I called, they came out and within 24 hours my pool was sparkling like it hadn’t done in years. I love 4EverClear Pools!

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Free Start Up Offer

We have a proprietary system and process to keep your pool clean and clear. On the first visit, we must perform tests and checks including testing the LSI index to ensure your pool and equipment is running at optimal levels. On most pools, our regular startup is included in the Free Start-up Offer. If your pool needs additional chemicals and work due to situations like algae, debris, previous use of algaecides, or other abnormal conditions, you will receive a $50 credit towards your Start-up.

Algae Free Guarantee

We guarantee our chemical services to keep your pool Algae-Free as long as the pool is kept clean and free of debris. If there is ever an algae issue in between service dates, contact us immediately and we will remedy your pool immediately!