A swimming pool pump is an essential piece of pool equipment that’s used to create the flow that circulates chemicals evenly throughout the pool so they can effectively sanitize the water. It works by pulling water from the pool, passing it through the filter for sanitization, and circulating it back into the pool. While it’s a must-have for proper pool health, there are a few different pool pump options. However, the variable-speed pump is by far the most efficient for an inground pool. 

Read on to learn more about variable-speed pumps and why you should outfit your new pool or retrofit your existing pool with one. 

Your Pool Pump Overview

There are three different types of pool pumps that are able to do the tough job of keeping your pool operating and running efficiently. 

  1. Single-speed pumps: These traditional pumps run at a constant speed and have been around for decades. While they are not exorbitantly priced, they can be noisy and not the most effective or efficient in keeping your pool clean and well-circulated. 
  2. Two-speed pumps: Equipped with an induction-style motor just like the single-speed variation, the difference between the two is that these pumps offer a low-speed option, which is proven to be more effective than running the motor pump at a high speed at all times, making it more energy-efficient. 
  3. Variable-speed pumps: What makes the variable-speed pumps stand out from the single-speed and two-speed pumps is the permanent magnet motor. Instead of conventional induction motors, variable-speed pumps use permanent magnet motors that are used in electric cars. Therefore, you can “dial in” your own preferred rate of flow that is required for your pool, allowing you to use it at a slower speed as is recommended for efficient circulation of water. These motors do not produce much sound or vibration, last longer, run cooler, and have advanced features that can be digitally controlled.

Benefits Of Choosing A Variable Speed-Pool Pump

While the pricing of the variable-speed pool pump is a larger investment upfront, it is a very energy-efficient choice, saving you much more money in the long run. Here are a few of the benefits you will experience with a variable-speed pump. 

  1. Energy Efficiency: These models of pool pumps consume about 50 to 70 percent less energy than your ordinary single-speed and two-speed motors. Variable-speed (VS) motors are equipped with magnets that are used to spin the rotor. Unlike the induction style motors which require additional electricity to run, the magnets do the job, thus making these pumps more efficient and energy-saving. The more electricity you save is equivalent to saving more money on your electricity bills.
  2. Longest-Lasting Pump: VS pool pumps come with enclosed designs and inbuilt fans, which keep the internal components cool and protect them from environmental elements such as rain, dust, and heat. The motor works at a slower speed, which enables the motors to last longer, making VS pool pumps more durable. 
  3. Longer Warranty Period: Most VS pool pumps come with a 2- to 3-year warranty period for both the maintenance and spare parts. You would be spending less money getting regular maintenance done, fixing your motor, or replacing a spare part in comparison to the single-speed pool pump counterpart that only comes with a one-year warranty period.
  4. Less Noise: VS pool pumps operate more quietly since the design is totally enclosed. These pumps run at a low speed and do not generate much noise. The bonus point of choosing a VS pool pump is that you’ll not have to ever face complaints from your agitated neighbors about the noise.
  5. Easy Installation: The installation process of a VS pool pump is the same as your regular single-speed motor. All original parts of a pump can be transferred to your VS pool motor, and it uses the same wiring as a single-speed pump, too. Once installed, the pump needs to be programmed. Because VS pool pumps do not come with a standard setting, they will need to be manually programmed according to the requirements of your pool. The process is rather simple, and you can choose your operating speed and run time.

All in all, variable-speed pool pumps are highly effective, convenient, and cost-effective in the long run. To learn more about them, contact the pool equipment experts at 4EverClear Pools today.