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Prepare For A Great Super Bowl Party At Your Pool

It seems like everyone is looking for a way to elevate the tailgate. Can you think of a better way to up the stakes than by hosting your Super Bowl party in your own backyard swimming pool? Are you considering hosting a poolgate party where your guests will come for the ballgame on the big screen and…
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Pool Safety – Preventing Drowning in Your Backyard

Pool Safety - Preventing Drowning in Your Backyard Owning a swimming pool is a dream for many homeowners who want to beat the summer heat while also offering a cooling and refreshing activity for their children and themselves. There is nothing quite like walking out to the backyard and taking a dip in a personal swimming pool.…
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Is This The Year To Replaster The Pool? Know the Signs

While commercial pools should be replastered about every 10 years or so, the rules aren’t as clear for residential pools. How do you know when it's time to replaster your pool? The best answer - when your pool shows visible signs the plaster is deteriorating. The plaster protects both the look and structural soundness of…
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Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Swimming Pool Heater

[caption id="attachment_2391" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Birds and rodents often make your pool heater their home during the winter months.[/caption] A swimming pool heater can definitely help you enjoy your pool and spa thru the fall and winter months.  And with current technology, a heater can be activated as easily as the push of a button on…
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Free Start Up Offer

We have a proprietary system and process to keep your pool clean and clear. On the first visit, we must perform tests and checks including testing the LSI index to ensure your pool and equipment is running at optimal levels. On most pools, our regular startup is included in the Free Start-up Offer. If your pool needs additional chemicals and work due to situations like algae, debris, previous use of algaecides, or other abnormal conditions, you will receive a $50 credit towards your Start-up.

Algae Free Guarantee

We guarantee our chemical services to keep your pool Algae-Free as long as the pool is kept clean and free of debris. If there is ever an algae issue in between service dates, contact us immediately and we will remedy your pool immediately!