A backyard pool is a great way to enjoy warm weather and sunshine without having to pack the family into the car and go somewhere else. However, pools do require some maintenance, and at times there are problems that need immediate repair. One problem that can occur is a leak in your pool. If you have a leak, it’s important to fix it as soon as possible so as not to waste money, water, and chemicals, while also not having it turn into a bigger issue. 

So how can you tell if your pool has a leak? Here are some of the top telltale signs your pool is leaking. 

Dropping Water Level

A water level that is suddenly dropping is a common sign that there is a leak in your pool. Here’s an evaporation calculator from our friends at American Leak Detection, that will tell you how much evaporation you can expect based on the weather in your area. Or, you might notice some of the other signs we mention here, which indicate that the water level change could be due to a leak.

A Big Change in Your Water Bill

Even a small crack or hole can cause you to lose hundreds of gallons of water per week, so if you notice a big spike in your water bill, a pool leak is a potential cause. Make sure you investigate right away and determine where the leak is — in your pool or elsewhere in your home — to avoid long-term damage to your property.

If your auto filler is constantly running, that’s another sign that there’s a leak that will be showing up on the water bill soon.

Water Under Equipment or in the Yard

Standing water under your pool equipment, around your pool deck, or in your yard are other signs that your pool may be leaking. If you don’t take action, you can damage your landscaping, pool deck, and home. 

You can also look for corrosion or rust on the pump or pipes. Damage to these components means that there is likely a leak. If the grass near your pool feels mushy or uneven, that’s another sign you need to pay attention to.

Fluctuating Chemical Levels or Excess Algae

When you treat your pool water with the right amount of chemicals, it should stay clean and pristine. However, if you notice that you suddenly have algae or other discoloration, there could be a problem with the chemical levels.

Before you add more chemicals, be sure to rule out a leak. If your pool is leaking, the chemical levels will be uneven from one day to the next, which is far more often than they should fluctuate. If you notice this, you can perform the bucket test below or contact your local pool service experts to help you find the leak. 

Perform the Bucket Test  (VIDEO)

Our friends at American Leak Detection have created a video to show you how to perform the steps below.

  1. For the Bucket Test, fill your pool to its normal height. 
  2. Submerge a bucket in the water to a depth of approximately 5 inches. 
  3. Draw a line on both the inside and outside of the bucket at the water level. 
  4. After 24 hours, compare the height of the inside water line to the outside to determine how much the pool water has changed.

Your Greater Bay Area Pool Leak Experts

It’s important to treat any pool leaks you find right away to avoid bigger problems and even costlier solutions. Moving quickly to find and fix pool leaks is essential, as it will help your pool stay structurally sound, prevent excessive chemical usage, protect the groundwater in your area, and keep your home and landscaping from being impacted.

The pool service experts at 4EverClear Pools can help detect and repair above-ground pool leaks. This includes any leaks with your equipment and above-ground PVC piping.  If you believe you have an underground leak, we recommend contacting American Leak Detection or another company specializing in underground pool leaks.