There is nothing like swimming in your pool on a scorching, hot day. Nevertheless, sometimes swimmers want to relax or play in a pool instead of swim. Pool toys provide children and adults with entertaining fun that will make them reluctant to leave the pool. There are many exciting 2015 pool toys, but these favorites will help you choose toys that everyone will enjoy. Our current selections focus on toys that help people swim, are multi-functional or provide challenging entertainment.


The shark kickboard by Melissa & Doug can help build confidence in toddlers learning to swim

1. Spark Shark Kickboard Pool Toy

Using their own the personal shark to improve their kicking is bound to entice children to practice. This adorable kickboard looks like a cheerful shark and may trigger imaginative play as a child kicks through the water. The bottom of the board is slightly curved, and the kickboard design makes it easy to grip. This toy is ideal for those with special needs and swimmers who are at least four years old.

2. Water Sports Swim Thru Rings

These adjustable water rings are perfect for swimmers who want to practice their underwater techniques. The collapsible rings have chambers that you can modify, so the rings will remain at different water depths. These rings are perfect for independent play or group competitions. These rings deflate and can be stored in a convenient, soft pouch that is included in the price.

3. Swimways EPN Swimming Challenge

Two mountable touch pads make it easy to determine the winner in every race, and a flashing LED timer indicates the time. If desired, when the winner touches the pad, he will hear cheering. Whether kids want to race or time their swimming, this swim challenge toy will effortlessly motivate children to practice swimming.

4. Intex Fun Balls

Intex Fun Balls are inexpensive, vibrant and colorful. They are simple to throw in the water, and their sticks land upright to make them easy to grasp when they are submerged.


1. Swimline Ice Cube Pool Habitat

This toy allows two people to sit in style. The 49-inch cube lets friends relax while they lounge and enjoy the float’s movement. When children are tired of using the toy to rest, they can grab a ball and attempt to shoot it through the float’s holes.

Heritage Boat House will make for one popular swimming pool party

2. The Heritage Floating Boathouse with Removable Raft Roof

Young children will enjoy imaginative play in this delightful boathouse, and parents will appreciate a toy that gives their children a break from the sun without forcing them to leave the pool. Multiple children can sit in the boathouse to chatter and float. Additionally, the boathouse comes with a removable raft that doubles as a float, and children can also enjoy playing in the small boat that is included in the price. This practical, multi-functional boathouse is suitable for children who are at least five years old.


1. Splash and Play Wave Attack 55″ Floatable Pool Toy

Sharp shooters will love the ability to ride a float as they spray water through a gun. Of course, tired children can just sit on the Splash and Play Wave Attack without shooting. No matter your child’s choice, the versatility of this toy is likely to provide hours of fun.

2. Swimline Hotdog Inflatable Float

Your kids will love having a food fight without the mess. These adorable hotdog-shaped floats are accompanied by accessories that look like condiments. Children will have a blast floating while they battle with floatable ketchup and mustard bottles.

3. Waterproof Playing Cards

Versatile cards allow you to play a host of games. Whether you want to play cards alone or a card game for multiple players, these sturdy, waterproof cards are ideal for playing on a floating table or on the side of the pool. Store them in a waterproof carrying case that accompanies the deck.

Water volleyball will bring countless hours of enjoyment to your swimming pool

4. Swimways 2-in-1 Basketball-Volleyball

Enjoy two sports with one price, and provide family and friends with fun, competitive play. Two durable bases can be placed at either end of the pool to create a 20-inch net for volleyball, or arrange the bases and net to create a basketball net. This basketball and volleyball set includes balls for each sport. These games are perfect for a crowd or a few family members.

These exciting 2015 pool toys will enhance the time your children spend in the pool and may encourage some adults to join the fun. Swimming in your pool is enjoyable, but a pool is more than just water for swimming; it is a place to relax, play with friends and hone athletic skills.

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