Birds and rodents often make your pool heater their home during the winter months.

A swimming pool heater can definitely help you enjoy your pool and spa thru the fall and winter months.  And with current technology, a heater can be activated as easily as the push of a button on a wireless remote.

Swimming pool owners often don’t realize that pool heaters are typically one of the most complicated pieces of pool equipment on their equipment pad – and they can also be the most dangerous.


We see a lot of older pool heaters with rust and corrosion.  This can be a serious fire hazard.  Because heaters usually sit for months at a time without being used (who needs to heat the water when it’s 100 degrees outside in August?), they can also become shelter for a pesky rodent. Twigs, leaves, rodents, etc. in the pool heater also create a serious fire hazard.  Rodents are also likely to chew through wiring causing a multitude of problems.

Rain and moisture over time can rust out your heater and cause permanent damage.

So a heater that may have worked perfectly last fall, won’t necessarily fire up without any problems this year.  Don’t wait until the evening of your spa/pool party to find out the heater isn’t working.  Make sure your heater is ready for those parties ahead of time by scheduling a heater inspection.

Our experienced repair professionals can fully inspect your heater and make sure everything is in good working order for this fall/winter.

Do you know whether or not your pool heater needs replaced?  Or maybe you don’t have a heater and would like one installed?

Ready for fall?

*Has your filter been cleaned this year?  We recommend DE and cartridge filters be cleaned at least once a year.

*Have you adjusted your pool equipment for fall?  You can now cut back on the number of hours/day you run your equipment to 4-6 hours/day

*Don’t forget about those skimmer baskets and pump suction baskets.  Leaves are falling….if you have foliage around your pool don’t forget to check those baskets frequently.  Even if you are on our mid or full service, your baskets might need to be emptied in between our weekly service visits.

We like to remind pool owners about the importance of pool safety – NEVER leave your children in the pool unattended!  A child can drown in a matter of minutes.  Seventy-three children in Texas have drowned this year.  Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for kids under the age of 5 and toddlers are especially at risk.  SAFETY FIRST!

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